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About us

Human Europe Capital is a reading site where experts and enthusiasts of different subjects can publish their studies, their thoughts and their stories.

It generates ideas and food for thought. The articles can be technical or general and can be read both by people who are in the sector and people who aren't.

We are Human Europe Capital, all together. Even if we have different thoughts and ideas.

We all study, work, look for information and put ideas and thoughts forward everyday. We believe that people who study, keep themselves updated and explore further are the ones that we have to listen to and who need to speak aloud. Your thoughts are those of a particular generation, that was never seen before. The world is changing and we have to interprete it, starting from our thoughts.

On Human Europe Capital you can find stories, ideas and motivations that belong to us all, everyday.

Because we all are humaneuropean.

"Sometimes I think that heaven must be one continuous unexhausted reading.” (Virginia Woolf)

“Your bet is to find a place that adapts to you better than to anyone else, something that no one excels at like you do". (Richard Koch)

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What is Human Europe Capital for you

"Integration of knowledge, opportunities, confrontation, diversity in unity, interest and understanding" (Dott.ssa Carlotta Potenti)

"It's a beautiful window with dainty flower arrangements." (Carlotta Toschi, lawyer)

"It's a very interesting webmagazine, which collects different professions and ideas. To me it's a way to express, through writing, how I feel at that moment about a specific topic. At the same time, it's a place where I can learn information about other professions, that sometimes are very different from mine." (Lorenzo Sarti, architect.)

This blog isn't a newspaper, since it is updated with no specific frequency. Therefore it can't be considered as an editorial product according to the law 62 of 7 March 2001.

At moment It’s possible post the articles in Italian, English, French, and Spanish.

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