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Recently you should have heard or read the expression "Draghi effect", scattered here and there among the titles that speak of Italy and its victories. No? Yet even the Financial Times has talked about it!

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It seems a very long time since we started hearing about the vaccination plan, since the scenarios generated by a pandemic situation seemed completely foreign to us; concepts such as "everything will be fine", "we will get out soon", seemed close to our state of mind because we lived the moment as absolutely temporary and emergency.

Today, unfortunately, we internalized what is happening, or maybe we just got used to it: do you remember what it was like when we weren't wearing a mask? Probably our ability to adapt alters the perception of time and, even if we don’t realize it yet, in reality only six months have passed since the first vaccine was given in Italy and just four months since the disclosure of the actual vaccination plan .

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The aim of this essay is to analyse the situation of Italian emigrants from the end of the 19th century to the second half of the 20th century, taking great care to emigrations from Italy to other European countries, with an historical prospective.

The issue raised in this essay regards an overview of the so called “Italian diaspora”, divided into two phases (1861-1920 and 1945-1970).

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